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Better build schoolrooms for the boy, than cells and gibbets for the man. - Eliza Cook
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Our Mission
The mission of the CECi team is to advise the corporate industry, non-profit organizations and the government at all levels on the vital role that education plays within these sectors and how to best leverage this knowledge for the success of your business.
Corporate Education Consulting
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Contact us for a free initial consultation to learn how the CECi team can advise you so that your business can benefit from our many alliances and educational industry expertise.
Corporate Education Consulting
Who We Are
The CECi team is a unique group of professionals with a grounded foundation in the education sector. Our members all have real-world experience in the education industry, from elected state educational officials to administrators within the public school system. Our extraordinary team can advise you on the influences that education impacts upon your organization, so that you can leverage this knowledge for the success of your business.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the CECi team has accrued many strategic partners and alliances in the educational, federal, state and local government, non-profits and corporate industry. We are exclusively qualified to advise and assist you with all of your educational needs.

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