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Education is the transmission of civilization. - Ariel and Will Durant
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Corporate Education Consulting
The New Workforce
"The skills of the workforce are going to be the key competitive weapon in the 21st century. Brain power will create new technologies, but skilled labor will be the arms and legs that allow one to employ the new product and process technologies that are being generated. Skilled people become the only competitive advantage."
Dr. Lester C. Thurow
Sloan School of Management
Corporate Education Consulting
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Corporate Education Consulting
Workforce/Workplace Consulting
For over 20 years, CECi has helped businesses think through workforce/ workplace issues. Our consulting group enables clients to address key questions such as:
  • Workforce - What will it look like?
  • Workers - Where will the workforce of the 21st century originate?
  • Workplace - How different will it be?
  • Will future workers expect (or accept) the same conditions as present workers?
  • What is more important for entry-level workers: academic or workplace skills?
  • What will be the role of organized labor?
  • Technology - How can it work for us?
If these issues are central to your business objectives, then CECi wants to work with you to strengthen your competitive advantage.
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